Who Am I?

My name is Elias Jens Brady. My friends call me Eli. You can call me Eli. I am the sixth, and the youngest, child in my family. I am from Centerville, Utah. Some of my favorite things in life are, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, my family, golfing, and learning. I graduated high school in 2013 and left on my mission to Taiwan that same year. In Taiwan, I learned things about myself that I never knew before. One of my favorite things I learned about myself is that I can be happy in whatever situation. There were many days I struggled speaking Chinese and I just wanted to quit. I did not know how I would ever be able to communicate with the people there. As my time went on I learned that I could be happy with my progress and proud of what I was doing because I knew it was what the Lord wanted me to do.

During my time as a missionary I learned that I could be happy in any situation if I am doing what the Lord wants. There were many other things that I learned on my mission like how to laugh when I make a mistake and keep moving forward. Or how to ride a bike through a typhoon. The lessons I learned on my mission helped prepare me for my next adventure, college. December 2015, I returned home from Taiwan and the next semester I started classes at BYU. Coming home was a bit of a challenge for me because of the unknown. I did not know what was in store for me at BYU and I was quite comfortable with missionary life – now that I was finishing my mission. To quote one of my favorite scriptures, “not knowing beforehand the things which I should do. Nevertheless I went forth”. – 1 Nephi 4:6-7

Nevertheless I went forth. That is the biggest lesson I learned on my mission. The key to happiness and joy in life is to try. I am a person that likes to try new things. As my first semester in college wrapped up I decided to join the Air Force ROTC program. My family has a strong history of service men and women and I have always had respect for them and their families. Growing up I thought it would be neat to be a pilot or maybe just join the Air Force and serve our blessed country. I started the program eager to learn and improve myself. I was challenged physically, mentally and spiritually there. During the week we would have early morning physical training that would just exhaust me. Many days I would lay on the ground afterwards and just sleep for a few hours. As my time went on in the program I learned to love the challenge. I love being placed with a new challenge, thought, problem, idea etc. and figuring out a way to work at it.

Something I have had to work at in my life is relationships. I am happily married and loving every minute of it. Before I met my eternal companion, Emily, I thought I knew what happiness is, boy was I wrong. I have learned that the key to true happiness and joy in life is to try; the key to true happiness and joy in the life to come is marriage. I believe that when I try to understand my sweetheart, or try to make her happy, or try to comfort her and smile with her life is happier and joy-filled. Because of the sacred covenants we made with each other and with Heavenly Father I know that this happiness and joy are not limited to this earthly life alone, but can continue throughout the eternities.

I am Eli Brady, I am proud to be me!

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